Lowell Smith

The Choice For Change

I have decided to run for my local schoolboard Brainerd ISD181. I have gotten into the race because I feel our local public education is mired in partisan political distractions. With no political aspirations, I simply want to get involved to influence positive change within our current public school system. Public education is supposed to be a nonpartisan effort to improve the lives of our children and, in turn, our future community.
I want our school to refocus on preparing our children to be career or college ready. To restore Warrior pride & traditions. Lastly, our school system needs to return to teaching academic excellence, our children how to think and not what to think.

I will ensure parents voices are heard. I will fight to ensure transparency. Lastly do all I can to ensure academic success for all of our children.

Together we are partners in the children's learning journey.

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I have been a resident of the Brainerd / Baxter area for 20 years along with my wife of 26 years Kirsten. We have 2 daughters, Kate who graduated from ISD 181 and Deb who has coached in the district, along with our grandchildren attending school in the district. I also have two sons Matt who currently lives in KY where he works as a paid firefighter and David.

I am currently tenured faculty and program director in the Minnesota State College and University system.
I possess a Bachelors of Science from Minot State University and a Master’s in Teaching from Bemidji State.
I am currently finishing my Doctorate in Educational Leadership at MSUM.

Career Experience
42 years in public safety
10 years law enforcement in Texas & ND as a police officer and a drug enforcement agent
12 years working as a paid firefighter/paramedic
20 years in EMS working in every capacity from a flight paramedic, EMS manager to currently teaching

I will bring common sense to our school board.


Donation Amount

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  • Make ISD181 the preferred choice for parents and students. We need to quit losing students to other schooling options.
  • Our children, our community, our education choices. Politics have no place in the classroom.
  • Support educators to teach to the needs of students, and ensure our K-12, workforce and higher education preparation leads our students to success. 
  • Curriculum should be transparent and accessible to parents online and free. 
  • Focus on academic success. Prepare our students to compete for jobs in the workforce. Teach them how to think not what to think.
  • Instill traditions, pride, discipline & positivity to our students, all while empowering students, educators and staff with personal responsibility and ownership of our district. Together were better.

How to refocus our school

Some simple initial steps for refocusing on education in our classrooms.

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Voter guide responses

My response to questions from the League of Women vVoters

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Protecting Your Child Privacy

Protecting Your Childs Privacy

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